ATMS Solution

NPSATMS has been offering ATM’s to businesses since 2001 and we have the expertise and programs to meet your business needs.

We offer a variety of ATMS with EMV Readers, Optional Currency Conversion, Digital Locks, S&G Locks, Different size cash drawers to meet your needs. And we offer NPS Cash Alliance for businesses needing armored car service. Our featured ATMS:

Cash Discount

0 fee for credit card processing. Start Saving Today! Learn how you can pay 0% for credit card processing.

Do you want to accept credit cards, without having a monthly bill? We can save you thousands of dollars a year by making the switch to our Cash Discount Program. Click on our contact button and a representative can call you to go over how it works and explain how much money you will save!

Chargeback Rescue


EMV or NO EMV  We have you covered!

In the case of a Chargeback, Merchants have a little to no protection, Until NOW! Merchants now have Protection against Fraudulent Transactions, EMV Liability Shift, Fallback, and even Chargeback Fees! Chargeback Rescue provides merchants with an EDGE – to win in the Chargeback Game! Merchants are protected against losses! Chargeback Rescue is back by Insurance and does not require a lot of work to process a claim to get paid